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              I am a self taught artist who specialises in portraiture using the medium acrylic. I originate from Enfield in North London and started drawing from an early age and it became my hobby. I now live in Kent and started to paint portraits back in 2013. I eventually gained confidence to approach galleries and curators hoping they would accept and exhibit my work. My first exhibition was with Guerrilla Galleries who were based in Shoreditch,London. I started to receive commissions which helped my confidence grow. I am now part of the support team of Under The Rainbow Events who are based in Kent. I also exhibit with Under The Rainbow at their events.




ESCAPE TO HAPPINESS - Guerrilla Galleries 2nd - 3rd January 2014 - The Daniel Libeskind Space, London.

URBAN LIFE - Guerrilla Galleries 23rd - 25th April 2014 - The Daniel Libeskind Space, London.

GUILTY PLEASURES - Guerilla Galleries - Sweet Art - 6th November - Juno, Shoreditch, London.

FORBIDDEN - Guerilla Galleries - 6th - 8th June 2015 - The Danial Libskind Space,London.   


BEXLEY ARTS TRUST-  December 2022 - Hall Place, Bexley, Kent.


UNDE THE RAINBOW Spring Exhibition 14th February 20th March 2023- Bluewater Shopping Centre.

BEXLEY ARTS TRUST - March 2023 - Hall Place, Bexley, Kent.

UNDER THE RAINBOW Summer Exhibition 15th May - 19th June 2023 - Blue water Shopping Centre.

FACESTOFACES - Solo Exhibition - 5th June - 5th July 2023 - The Mick Jagger Centre - Dartford, Kent.

ABBEY WOOD ART FAIR - Abbey Wood, London.

ROCHESTER ART FAIR - 6th - 8th October 2023 - Rochester, Kent


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